Our Vision

edNEST operates off of 5 pillars – K-12, Higher Education, Corporate Learning, International Education and Equity in Education. In each of these 5 areas, edNEST strives to foster innovation to advance the implementation and usage of edtech solutions. 



We support elementary and high school educators and districts in discovering new tools and approaches to teaching their curriculum.


Higher Education

We introduce higher education leaders, professors and administrators to up-and-coming innovations to promote collaboration and experiential learning in and outside the classroom.


Corporate Learning

We collaborate with industry and corporate partners to bring innovative learning tools to their organization in order to promote lifelong learning.


International Education

We discuss challenges and opportunities in international business, language learning, and international development of students and educators.


Equity In Education

We raise awareness to issues related to equity, diversity and inclusion facing teachers and students in schools and communities, in order to help foster diversity efforts.